Meet Ivana Maric


Ivana Maric is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiation Science at McMaster University. In her spare time, she likes to do powerlifting, watch Forrest Gump, and focus on nutrition and fitness.

When did your love of STEM begin?

To me, science was an instant match. I remember being in class in grade 9 and being the most excited about the science classes, because they relate to our everyday life. I was that one girl that killed it in physics class and it was almost effortless. The medical side was also another passion of mine because I always wanted to be involved in helping people and being a part of someone's journey to getting better. Shows like The ER and Grey's Anatomy were my favourites and I couldn't help but imagine that one day I could do something like that. But, I didn't want to be a nurse or doctor because their lifestyles weren't for me. When I started exploring options in grade 11 I discovered the awesome option of medical radiation science and I knew right away that that was the perfect combination for me.

What is the best part about working in the field of STEM?

The best part about working in STEM is being able to work with a team to find the best solutions that can change someone's treatment plan and potentially their life. It's a tough program and I enjoy seeing people’s' reactions when they learn about my work. I find that as a girl in STEM especially it is surprising to people that I have/find time for other hobbies and like 'girly' things on top of building a career.

What advice would you give young women interested in a career in STEM?

What's good won't come easy. That applies to everyone. Take away any doubts you may have about being capable as a girl and give yourself only one option - to succeed.

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