Meet Sarah Simmons


Sarah Simmons is currently pursuing her Dual Degree Bachelor of Arts in Honours Business Administration, at the Ivey Business School, and her Honours Bachelor of Engineering Science in Software Engineering at Western University. She currently works at MaRs Discovery District.

When did your love of STEM begin?

I became interested in engineering when I was in high school taking my chemistry and physics courses, but I never really understood what "engineering" really was or how much I would learn to love it until I came to university. I took a design course in first year where we got to the opportunity to identify problems, design solutions, and then see your ideas come to life. I liked the idea of building something from the ground up and envision the potential impact my solutions could have on society. It made me excited.

What is the best part about working in the field of STEM?

A career in STEM is a constant learning experience. Every problem is unique which allows you to really push yourself and be innovative in your solution development. To me, building an application is like putting together a puzzle- it’s challenging but the finished product makes it all worth it.

What advice would you give young women interested in a career in STEM?

Don't be afraid to be different and follow what you're passionate about. A career in STEM can be daunting, but it will lead to so many amazing and rewarding places.